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Armenian Bioinformatics Institute

Boosting data-driven interdisciplinary research in life sciences


We focus on genomics for health, biotechnology and ecosystem management.


Join our expert meetups, journal clubs, life science talks and engage with the community of researchers and students.


We organize specialized courses, workshops and summer schools, provide learning materials and community support to students & researchers.


ABI’s mission is to promote scientific progress in bioinformatics, conduct research in computational biology and biosciences, develop human capital, build international collaborative networks and provide applications and services to the life sciences, the healthcare system and the industry.

ABI will focus on three challenge areas: genomics for health, biotechnology and ecosystem management

Expert cloud

More than 40 researchers and industry experts from around the world have already joined our expert cloud. They engage with our community events, mentor students, provide guidance and leverage their network to promote ABI activities. Join them today!

Student chapter

More than 20 students have joined our student chapter to participate in summer schools, courses, seminars, meetups, and share their learning experiences with peers. Joining the student chapter will give you a unique opportunity to find a mentor and make your first steps in bioinformatics research.

News and Events