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Supporting Innovation: The Key Partners of OMICSS-24

The OMICSS-24 Program would not be possible without the generous support and partnership of our esteemed sponsors and partners, whose commitment to excellence and innovation has made this event a reality.

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) has been a long-term strategic partner of ABI, providing invaluable support since 2021. IMB excels in advanced research across various fields such as genomics, virology, and bioinformatics, facilitating significant scientific advancements. Their collaboration with ABI has been crucial for our establishment and growth. Learn more at

The DigitalLife project fosters collaboration between the IZBI at the University of Leipzig, IMB, and ABI. It focuses on genome bioinformatics, biodata sciences, biotechnology, and systems medicine to understand complex diseases. A key goal is to support young Armenian scientists through innovative research collaborations.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics at the University of Leipzig (IZBI) excels in harnessing advanced informatics and biostatistics to decode the intricacies of biomedical data. Their innovative solutions empower researchers to unveil new insights into disease mechanisms, improve public health strategies, and foster medical advancements. Learn more at

Deep Origin revolutionizes life sciences by providing cutting-edge tools that simplify R&D, simulate biological processes, and unravel the complexities of life. We enable scientists to combat diseases, develop new drugs, and extend an individual’s health span. Learn more at

BostonGene transforms cancer care by offering comprehensive molecular and immune profiling to personalize treatment strategies. Their AI-powered platform integrates multiomics, next-generation sequencing, and advanced analytics to provide a holistic understanding of each patient’s cancer. Collaborating with leading cancer centers, BostonGene supports clinicians in selecting the most effective therapies and expedites drug development. Learn more at