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Data has become central to biology research, and the need for bioinformaticians – scientists who handle these data – is becoming more and more critical. It is safe to tell that in the world today, no one has enough bioinformaticians. Naturally, activities setting up standards and capacity for biological big data collection, distribution and analysis are cornerstones for strategic developments and for shaping the future of biomedicine and biotechnology. Hence, national/regional bioinformatics institutes and research organizations have been established throughout all the European countries, America, Asia, and many other regions in the last 20 years.

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) is a recently established scientific-educational foundation aimed at promoting data-driven studies in biomedicine and biotechnologies with international impact. ABI is envisioned as an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral R&D center aimed at building bioinformatics expertise and infrastructure. ABI will focus on three challenge areas: genomics for health, biotechnology, and ecosystem management. 

ABI’s mission is to build bioinformatics capacity supporting developments in precision medicine & modern biotech.

Our core focus is research. We also undertake non-formal educational activities to bridge the knowledge and skill gap for students willing to continue their carrier in bioinformatics. In addition, the bioinformatics core facility at ABI will serve to facilitate data analysis in life science research projects conducted in Armenia, and abroad.

ABI is unwavering in our commitment to cultivating a workplace founded by gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our Gender Equality Plan underscores our promise to forge an environment that ensures equal opportunities, eradicates biases, and empowers each individual to flourish, irrespective of their gender identity.

Work-Life Balance and Culture: We extend flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies to champion work-life equilibrium. Our culture is one that prizes diversity, inclusivity, and transparent communication.

Recruitment and Career Progression: By utilizing gender-neutral language in job descriptions and employing blind recruitment processes, we offer uniform avenues for growth to all team members.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment: We maintain an unequivocal stance against gender-based discrimination and harassment. Our accessible reporting channels and education initiatives safeguard employee rights.

Future of our GEP: We are committed to refining our GEP by measuring its impact through employee feedback and implementing training sessions on gender equality and unconscious bias. Mentorship programs will also be advanced to elevate women’s careers.

Through ABI’s Gender Equality Plan, we endeavor to establish an all-encompassing environment that empowers every employee to excel, catalyzing a brighter future for our institute and the domain of bioinformatics.

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