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Public Talks and Interviews

Lilit Nersisyan, a bioinformatician and the founder of the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI), discusses the field of bioinformatics, its role in the world today, and what ABI is working on. Among the topics discussed are science commercialization and the biotech industry.


The role of international community and diaspora at shaping the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute | Network Nation

In her interview with Network Nation Podcast, Lilit Nersisyan, the Founding Director of the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute, tells about the institute’s founding story, short and long-term goals, the involvement of the Diaspora, networking, and other important and valuable topics.


Genome bioinformatics: can you build expertise from scratch? | TEDxYerevan

During TEDxYerevan 2021 ABI’s founding director Lilit Nersisyan had a talk explaining her and her colleagues’ search for a solution for building expertise in genome bioinformatics in Armenia. She explained the role of ABI as a source of human capital that will eventually drive developments in the genomics-heavy biotech sector.


Prospects for development of bioinformatics in Armenia | Civilnet

Bioinformatics is one of the most prospective professions in the field of biology in the 21st century. The development of bioinformatics in Armenia will give an opportunity to perform modern research, revive biology and related fields, and attract the attention of scientific-industrial companies. Zhanna Avagyan talked about the possible development of this direction with Lilit Nersisyan, a Candidate of Biological Sciences.


OMICS School in Genome Bioinformatics 2021 | Aravot Luso

An interview about the OMICSS-2021 summer school in Genome Bioinformatics to the 1tv. ABI’s founding director Lilit Nersisyan and OMICS student Susanna Avagyan talk about how the students will continue their journey in bioinformatics under the mentorship of scientists from Armenia and abroad.


ABI in the making: an outlook on the mission of the foundation in its infancy |

The guests of the program are Dr. Arsen Arakelyan, Director of the Institue of Molecular Biology NAS RA, and Lilit Nersisyan, Founding Director of ABI, a researcher at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.


Community Seminars and Forums

The challenge of creating a human capital in bioinformatics: ABI and its midterm results | Armenians Forward Together

ABI’s Founding Director Lilit Nersisyan discussed ABI’s midterm results and explained the importance of developing bioinformatics in Armenia in the scope of the AFT forum, which aims to establish a mechanism to support and guide Armenian scientists toward translational impact, in other words, moving basic science discoveries into practice.


Bioinformatics: why is it mandatory for Armenia? | ARPA Institute

The seminar underlines years of intensive and successful collaboration between Germany and Armenia, explains why high-level genome bioinformatics is mandatory for Armenia, and why the present situation is problematic, but not hopeless. The presentation is followed by discussions on issues related to the state of Bioinformatics research and education in Armenia, prospects, and obstacles, and how to develop strong and competitive bioinformatics research with applications in medicine, biotechnology, and life sciences to make Armenia a valued partner and idea-driver in this field.


The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute: its mission and vision | Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA)

During this lecture, ABI’s Founding Director Dr. Lilit Nersisyan discusses the plan to establish the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) as a regional hub for cutting-edge research aimed at promoting data-driven studies in biomedicine and biotechnologies with international impact.



Challenges and opportunities for development of bioinformatics in Armenia and ABI | EVNReport

ABI’s founding director Lilit Nersisyan published an article for EVN Report on the challenges and opportunities in the fields of Genomics and Bioinformatics in Armenia. The article reviews issues related to the development of the bioinformatics industry in Armenia and offers ambitious possible solutions.


OMICS School in Genome Bioinformatics 2021 |

The article highlights the key moments of the OMICS Summer School 2021, explains the importance of the initiative, and outlines the future opportunities for successful graduates.