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Swedish Workshop on winemaking Challenges & Opportunities

From December 11th to 15th, members of ABI’s Vine Bioinformatics team, under the leadership of Dr. Hans Binder, actively participated in the final workshop of the ProGriCC project held in Sweden, Uppsala. The workshop was organized by the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences. A public symposium featured presentations from colleagues in Sweden, Armenia, Italy, Mexico and Georgia, addressing research in the field of winemaking under climate change.

The workshop’s agenda encompassed various activities that included a public symposium at Ultuna Campus, focusing on research in winemaking under climate change. The schedule featured presentations covering topics such as climate resilience from a microbiological perspective, grapevine genomics, and the impact of global climate change on soil composition. The event also included sightseeing in Uppsala, a traditional julbord lunch, and activities related to the Nobel lecture of Medicine. The workshop concluded on December 14th with preparations for the SI report, discussions on new proposals, and initiatives related to grapevine research and climate change. The symposium provided a comprehensive overview of bioinformatics perspectives, challenges, and opportunities in the context of winemaking and climate change.