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Junior & Senior Researcher Positions in Microbiome Dynamics

Job Description:
We are seeking highly motivated and talented individuals with a preferential background in microbiome research (bioinformatics or wet lab work) to join the Nersisyan Lab at ABI as senior or junior researchers. 

The selected candidates will delve into the field of modeling longitudinal dynamics within microbiome communities, focusing on understanding how these communities evolve during disease development and in response to antibiotic treatments. Original longitudinal datasets of microbiome communities under various environmental perturbations will be collected, and data will be analyzed using novel and interdisciplinary bioinformatics approaches. Please, refer for related work:

Huch S., Nersisyan L., Ropat M., Barrett D., Wu M., Wang J., D. Valeriano V., Vardazaryan N., Huerta-Cepas J., Wei W., Du J., M. Steinmetz L., Engstrand L., Pelechano V. (2023). Atlas of mRNA translation and decay for bacteria. Nature Microbiology. (10.1038/s41564-023-01393-z) 

In addition to basic research projects, the role also assumes collaboration with biotech companies focused on the association of microbiome with disease risk and antibiotic resistance.

This is a great opportunity for both experienced and novice bioinformatics researchers to engage in creative data analysis, learn new techniques, and develop tools to enhance the analysis of microbiome community dynamics.

Employer: Armenian Bioinformatics Institute

Slots: Multiple positions available
Format: Offline
Working hours: Full-time (part-time possible for students)
Location: ABI
Duration: Undefined (depends on the candidate)
Remuneration: Competitive (depends on expertise – up to $30K for senior researchers)
Application Deadline: Rolling

Note: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.


  • The candidate is expected to have a background in bioinformatics and experience working with metagenomics datasets OR a background in wet-lab work with experience in nucleic acid isolation and sequencing library preparation and desirably also microbial cultures. PhD and postdoctoral positions can be arranged.
  • In exceptional cases, junior candidates can also be selected. They are expected to have a background in programming and statistics, and basic understanding of molecular biology. Basic knowledge of sequencing technologies and datasets is a big plus.

What We Offer:

  • Opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary, international, and vibrant team of researchers
  • Opportunity to participate in our seminars and group meetings to learn from others’ work
  • Networking opportunities with scientists in the field
  • Comprehensive health insurance and discount packages at a gym

About ABI

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) is a dynamic scientific-educational foundation dedicated to advancing data-centric research in life sciences. ABI’s research portfolio is diverse, encompassing genomics across plants, animals, and humans. We not only develop innovative algorithms and software tools but also apply them to life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology. In addition to conducting basic research, ABI offers specialized research services to biotech companies. Furthermore, we are committed to nurturing future talent through a range of educational programs, thereby cultivating the next generation of bioinformatics specialists.