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Ongoing Events

Advanced Molecular Biology

The Advanced Molecular Biology course by ABI Expert Meri Hovsepyan covers the core concepts of molecular biology, genetic mechanisms, cells, and genomes. The course is interactive, and weekly discussions where students have reading materials, as well as talks and consultations on those topics, are held. The course takes 12 months to complete and will be instructed every week starting from January 2022. The language of instruction is Armenian, however, the educational materials are in English.

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Previous Events

Applied Bioinformatics Course

The Applied Bioinformatics course by ABI Chairman Hans Binder covers the core concepts of molecular medicine, life data sciences, as well as gives an insight into emerging and promising research areas in the field of Bioinformatics. The course also includes helpful tips on how to write and publish scientific research papers and addresses disputed topics in Bioinformatics.

The course takes 9 weeks to complete and is instructed every Wednesday at 6 PM Yerevan time. The language of instruction is English. Furthermore, some lectures will be given by invited specialists. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from ABI Research School.


In Summer 2021, ABI in collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA had a Summer School in Genome Bioinformatics. The school offered undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young researchers, extensive training in molecular biology, statistics, programming, experimental methods in molecular biology, and genomic data analysis. The school concluded with projects related to SARC-CoV-2 genome analysis.

Participants also got to know the 38 speakers from 11 countries, heard their perspectives on the academic and industrial opportunities in bioinformatics. After OMICSS 2021, some of the participants got involved with ABI Research School under the supervision of scientists from Armenia and from abroad.