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Applied Bioinformatics Course

Course Description

The Applied Bioinformatics course by ABI Chairman Hans Binder covers the core concepts of molecular medicine, life data sciences, as well as gives an insight into emerging and promising research areas in the field of Bioinformatics. The course also includes helpful tips on how to write and publish scientific research papers and addresses disputed topics in Bioinformatics. The course takes 9 weeks to complete and is instructed every Wednesday at 6 PM Yerevan time. The language of instruction is English. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from ABI Research School.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the course not only learn about fundamental topics and concepts, but also develop a deep understanding of bioinformatics: where it comes from, where it is now, and where it is headed. They also develop a bioinformatical way of thinking and mindset, which is a valuable asset for any bioinformatician.


Hans Binder is a Biophysicist by training and has many years of research experience, but most of all a Bioinformatician by passion and professional background. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Simulations and a Habilitation degree in soft matter physics from Leipzig University. After working in Australia, USA and Sweden he became the founding Managing Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics of Leipzig University, just as the human genome was decoded in 2002. His scientific work deals with sequencing technologies and machine learning in the context of the genome and personalized medicine. Hans is a member of the International Cancer Genome Consortium and other large-scale healthcare projects. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers. For ten years he has promoted scientific cooperation with Armenia in numerous joint projects and Armenian-German exchange programs (20 joint publications). He is the Chairman of the Scientific Board of the ABI.

Some lectures will be given by invited specialists.

Who is the Course For?

This course is for ambitious students who wish to gain fundamental knowledge in the prospective field of Bioinformatics. More specifically, the curriculum is targeted towards medical and natural sciences (biology or data science) students.


For the completion of the course, it is crucial that students have at least some background knowledge in molecular biology, other natural sciences or medicine, and possibly also mathematics and/or statistics. Background knowledge in bioinformatics is desired, but not required.

You are invited to sign up at the ABI Student Chapter for more information and activities around this topic.

Course Outline

Below is a summary of the topics covered in the course.

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics. Where it comes from and where it is headed.
  • Data: Genomics, Epigenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics. Phenotype and Clinical Data, Measurement Technologies
  • Processing: Calibration, Preprocessing, Downstream Analysis, Class Discovery, Feature Selection, Function Mining, Pathway Bioinformatics, Miracles of Statistics, Machine Learning, Modeling
  • Molecular medicine: Cancer Bioinformatics, Omics Immunology, Inflammatory Diseases, Covid, Aging, Pharmaco-genomics, Immunotherapy, Targeted Treatment, Treatment Resistance, Dr. Patho and Dr.Omics, Personalized Medicine, Genomic Regulation
  • Life-studies: Epidemiology, Association studies, Population Genetics, Evolution, The Molecular Diversity of Life, Molecular Archeology, Microbiomics/Metagenomics
  • What’s new?: Single-cell Omics, Spatial Transcriptomics, The New World of Cellular Types, EvoDevo, Pseudo-dynamic, What’s new in 6 months?
  • Useful Tips:  Disputed wordings in Bioinformatics, How to Write a Paper and Where to Publish


Those who wish to enroll must fill out this form. The registration deadline is October 31st, 2021, 11:59 PM Yerevan time. Please keep in mind that the course takes 9 weeks to complete.

Venue and Details

Location: Online via Zoom

Start date: November 3, 2021, 6 PM Yerevan time

End date: January 5, 2022

Monthly Fee

The course is free of charge.

Upon Completion

The course is part of the ABI Research School program. Participation in the course will be certified.