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What is the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI)?

ABI is a research institute focusing on three challenge areas: genomics for health, biotechnology, and biodiversity research. ABI’s mission is to promote scientific progress in bioinformatics, conduct research in computational biology and biosciences, develop human capital, build international collaborative networks and provide application and services to the life sciences, the healthcare system, and the industry.

What is the legal form of ABI?

ABI is a non-profit scientific educational foundation registered in Armenia. It is founded by a group of dedicated researchers from Armenia and abroad.

Is ABI an educational institution?

The basic focus of ABI activities is research and promotion of scientific progress in bioinformatics, with the ultimate goal of creating human capital to support the development of biotech and biomedicine. However, to achieve this goal ABI also needs to fill knowledge gaps through non-formal educational activities, like the OMICS School, Advanced Molecular Biology Course, Applied Bioinformatics Course, etc. ABI is not accredited as a formal educational organization.

How do I join ABI?

You can join ABI as a student or as an expert. To become an ABI student, fill in the form on ABI Students’ page. To join our Expert Cloud, fill in the form on ABI Experts’ page. If you are a bioinformatician, you can remotely supervise a research project. If you are a life scientist, you can join the Mentor & Mentee program, get bioinformatics support from us, and mentor an ABI student. 

Can I learn bioinformatics remotely?

Yes. There are many online courses to help you with that. You can also start learning bioinformatics by completing the ABI OMICSS Guide. Find out more about the guide and certification options on the website. 

Does ABI offer internships?

Yes. You can become an ABI research student and engage in research projects. All you need to do is complete the OMICSS Guide, pass the exams, join our weekly meetings and contact the current lab heads or the director to get a project offer. You can also join internships with other companies through our industrial partnership at ABI Application Portal

How can I donate to ABI?

You can donate to ABI here. We offer card payment, bank transfer, and tax-deductible donation options. By choosing recurring payments, you can make small monthly contributions to the institute and make an impact! 

Where can I find news about ABI?

ABI news is regularly published on our website, as well as our social media channels. Subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up-to-date!

If I still have questions, how can I get answers for them?

Contact us through our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also use our social media platforms for faster communication.