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News and Events

Eduard Avetisyan joins ABI Advisory Board

We are happy to share that Eduard Avetisyan has joined the Board of Advisors of ABI!

Eduard Avetisyan is an alumni of Yerevan State University and YerPhI with PhD in high energy particle physics and currently, he leads the IT team in the Hamburg unit of the EMBL.

Rafi Baghjian joins ABI’s Advisory Board

We are happy to share that Rafi Baghdjian has joined the Board of Advisors of ABI.
Mr. Baghdjian is currently an advisor to several foundations and has held an executive position at Shell for 35 years. We are honored to have Mr. Baghdjian’s expertise complementing our efforts through our journey!

ABI announces OMICSS-2022

We are excited to announce the OMICSS-2022 Summer School in Genome Bioinformatics!If you have a biology OR a computer/data science background, OMICSS-2022 offers you an opportunity to learn about the role of bioinformatics in life sciences and gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to start your first bioinformatics project. The school also provides a unique chance to meet scientists from Armenia and abroad and dive into an exciting learning environment.In the final month, selected students will participate in a week-long bioinformatics workshop outside of Yerevan and complete their final projects under the mentorship of the invited researchers.Students who successfully complete the school will become research students at ABI with many opportunities for career growth.

Launch of reArmenia Fundraising Campaign

ABI has launched a fundraising campaign for setting up a computing infrastructure on the reArmenia platform. With the raised money, ABI will build the first publicly accessible centralized and well-maintained computing infrastructure in Armenia to safely store, annotate and analyze Armenian genomics data. This computing infrastructure will be open for all the students and scientists engaged in life science training and research in Armenia.

Bioinformatics Workshop

ABI in collaboration with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow is holding a mini-workshop spanning a wide range of topics in Bioinfromatics and Computational Genomics. The event is interesting for researchers and students who are interested in bioinformatics. Some new projects that will be offered by ABI will also be presented to prospective students.

ABI starts a strategic collaboration with Agenus

We are glad to announce a strategic collaboration with Agenus, a US-based biotech company specializing in innovative forms of cancer treatment, including the discovery and development of immuno-oncology therapies. Together with the scientists at Agenus, ABI will form a team of students and researchers to study cancer metastases and identify potential biomarkers and targets for cancer immunotherapies.This collaboration is also part of our long-term vision of supporting biotech developments in Armenia.

Aram Adourian Joins ABI Board of Trustees

We are happy to announce that Dr. Aram Adourian has joined our Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Adourian is also a Senior Scientific Advisor at Flagship Pioneering.

ABI’s First Annual Report Now Available

In February 2021, ABI was established as a non-profit scientific-educational foundation aimed at promoting scientific progress in bioinformatics and developing the human capital for boosting developments in the biotech industry and precision medicine. Now, after one year of operation, it’s time to share our first Annual Report! 

Learn more about our vision, activities, and glance over some key numbers of 2021 by reading the report.

ABI Hiring a Marketing Manager

ABI is seeking an innovative and creative marketing manager responsible for running ABI’s marketing campaigns and streamlining the relations between the community of scientists, students, and donors. Our ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of marketing strategies, thrives in tight deadlines and changing needs, and can execute marketing campaigns while inspiring the team.

Advisory Board

As ABI is growing, we are excited to introduce our newly-formed advisory board. The board consists of leading experts in bioinformatics & life sciences, biotech, finances and marketing that have an active contribution to ABI’s endeavors and provide their time and support to our cause. Let’s give them a warm welcome!

ABI received an EIF Grant!

We are excited to announce that ABI has received a research grant from the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF)! With the provided support, ABI’s founding director Lilit Nersisyan and three ABI students will study the effect of cigarettes and e-cigarettes on the microbiome. This is an important milestone for ABI, and we are looking forward to progressing our research with the help of EIF and through the support of PMI SCIENCE!

Advanced Molecular Biology Course

The Advanced Molecular Biology course by ABI Expert Meri Hovsepyan covers the core concepts of molecular biology, genetic mechanisms, cells, and genomes. The course is interactive, and weekly discussions where students have reading materials, as well as talks and consultations on those topics are held.

ABI at TEDxYerevan 2021!

During TEDxYerevan 2021 ABI’s founding director Lilit Nersisyan had a talk explaining her and her colleagues’ search for a solution for building expertise in genome bioinformatics in Armenia. She explained the role of ABI as a source of human capital that will eventually drive developments in the genomics heavy biotech sector.

Applied Bioinformatics Course

The Applied Bioinformatics course by ABI Chairman Hans Binder covers the core concepts of molecular medicine, life data sciences, as well as gives an insight into emerging and promising research areas in the field of Bioinformatics. The course also includes helpful tips on how to write and publish scientific research papers and addresses disputed topics in Bioinformatics.

ABI’s First Research Lab: Binder Lab

ABI is thrilled to announce the opening of its first Research Lab – Binder Lab – supervised by ABI Chairman Hans Binder. The general aim of the lab is to extract information about the functioning of life hidden in large and complex data with the help of computers, thereby improving healthcare and saving biodiversity. The Lab’s central interests are describing and understanding genomic regulation, its diversity, and its impact on health and disease.

Tatevik Jalatyan. ARPA Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce that Tatevik Jalatyan, a Mentor and Mentee student at ABI, got a 6-month research scholarship from ARPA Institute to continue her reseach on Design and analysis of AAV vectors for gene editing applications with Dr. Erik Aznauryan (Church Lab).  

ABI Summer School (OMICSS 2021)

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Group at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) NAS RA organized a summer school in Genome Bioinformatics from June 14 to August 25, 2021.