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Bioinformatics Workshop


ABI in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Economics in Moscow is holding a mini-workshop spanning a wide range of topics in Bioinfromatics and Computational Genomics. The event is interesting for researchers and students who are interested in bioinformatics. Some new projects that will be offered by ABI will also be presented to prospective students.

Date & Venue

  • Date: April 20th, 3:30 – 7:30 PM Yerevan time
  • Venue: Russian-Armenian University


  1. Maxim Shkurnikov | HSE | HLA genotype features of patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 in the first and the third wave
  2. Maria Nikoghosyan | ABI | oposSOM – The comprehensive analysis of genome-wide genotyping data
  3. Anton Zhiyanov | HSE | Differential co-expression network analysis with DCoNA reveals miRNA targeting aberrations in prostate cancer
  4. Siras Hakobyan | ABI | R environment for KEGG pathway curation and analysis
  5. Vardan Saroyan | ABI | Circadian Rhythm
  6. Victor Novosad | HSE | CD44 isoforms play different roles in colorectal cancer progression
  7. Tatevik Jalatyan | ABI | A computational pipeline for the identification and analysis of AAV variants after random mutagenesis
  8. Stepan Nersisyan | HSE | Pan-cancer analysis of isomiRs functional activity
  9. Nelly Vardazaryan | ABI | Gut microbiome
  10. Susanna Avagyan | ABI | Temporal changes of gene expression in health and mental disorders
  11. Lilit Nersisyan | ABI | Ongoing and Future Projects


Contact information:

  • +37493480033 – Alisa
  • +37494601703 – Lilit