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Linux System Administration Internship

Job Description

Employer: Armenian Bioinformatics Institute
Slots: 1 Intern
Format: Part-time position (20 hours/week)
Working hours: 4 hours/day
Location: For initial period, in-office collaboration with System Administrator required, with remote work options available thereafter as needed.
Duration: up to six months (with the possibility of an offer afterward)
Remuneration: gross 150.000 – 220.000 AMD  (based on experience) 
Application Deadline: Nov 25, 2023
Start: ASAP

We are looking for a system administration intern who is eager to dive into the world of Linux system administration, particularly in the context of bioinformatics. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to not only grasp the fundamentals of Linux administration but also gain insights into the unique intricacies of bioinformatics infrastructure. This includes learning how to efficiently handle a multitude of parallel input/output (IO) operations and processes, manage resource allocation among multiple users using tools like SLURM, and navigate the challenges of dealing with multiple versions of the same software. The intern will work with an experienced system administrator who has set up the whole system from scratch. The intern will also have an opportunity to interact with advisors managing huge computational facilities in Europe.

About the System:

ABI runs a cluster of computers totalling around 1000 cores, 2.5TB of RAM and 250+ TB of Storage. The cluster has dozens of active users, hundreds of pipelines that are made of thousands of processes.

The system is a diverse setup of Linux and FreeBSD installations, complex networking infrastructure including automated DNS, multi-vendor routers/switches and massive routing systems with eBGP/iBGP/OSPF.


  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as a System Administrator.
  • Excellent problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and accountability.
  • Passion for comprehensive documentation.
  • Technical knowledge, including and not limited to:
    1. Unix (we happen to use Ubuntu and FreeBSD)
    2. TCP/IP Networking (We run host-based networking as well as Mikrotik)
    3. DNS (BIND and dnsmasq)
    4. Concepts of monitoring, alerting and patching
    5. Shell Scripting (We happen to use POSIX Shell but Bash is also acceptable)
  • Bonus Skill:
    • Experience with containers (Docker, LXC, Jails, Zones)
    • Experience with language-level package managers (pip, cargo, CPAN)
    • Experience with ZFS

About ABI: 

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) is a dynamic scientific-educational foundation dedicated to advancing data-centric research in life sciences. ABI’s research portfolio is diverse, encompassing genomics across plants, animals, and humans. We not only develop innovative algorithms and software tools but also apply them to life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology. In addition to conducting basic research, ABI offers specialized research services to biotech companies. Furthermore, we are committed to nurturing future talent through a range of educational programs, thereby cultivating the next generation of bioinformatics specialists.