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ABI Students. Nelly Vardazaryan

Nelly Vardazaryan

Nelly is an MSc student in Molecular and Cell Biology at ISEC NAS RA. She joined ABI in the summer of 2021 as a student of OMICS School and continued her path by becoming a student in the ABI Research School. Now, Nelly works under the supervision of Anna Hakobyan (Ph.D. student at Max Perutz Labs, Austria) on research on Oncogenic pathway alterations across large-scale cancer studies. Nelly is also conducting microbiome research under the supervision of Lilit Nersisyan (researcher at ABI) in collaboration with Yerevan State University.

Nelly identified one of her long-term goals as becoming a researcher in the field of genomics. According to her, ABI is not only her source for bioinformatics education, but one of the factors that motivates her to work consistently towards her goal.

Besides professional development through data analysis, one of the main branches of her activities is gaining scientific thinking. According to Nelly, participating in weekly Group Meetings and Journal Clubs helps her develop a scientific mindset through constant cooperation with scientists in the field, discussions, and exchange of experience. Specifically, the collaborative work with scientists from different countries and backgrounds helps her be aware of the new technologies and methodologies in the field.  

Nelly’s experience and story inspire the many students who wish to learn more about this large and fascinating field of science. If you identify yourself as one of those people, you could be the next research student at ABI.