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ABI Students. Tatevik Jalatyan

Tatevik Jalatyan

Today we introduce Tatevik Jalatyan, one of ABI’s most engaged and exceptional students. Tatevik is a BSc student at the American University of Armenia and studies the bioinformatics branch of Data Science. She joined ABI in the summer of 2021 and shortly after got engaged in a research project in collaboration with Erik Aznauryan (postdoctoral fellow at Church lab, Wyss Institute, Harvard University) as part of ABI’s Mentor and Mentee program. The project is on discovery new viral vectors for gene delivery. For her hard work, Tatevik has also been rewarded with a six-month research scholarship by ARPA Institute, allowing her to dedicate more time to science.

To the question of how studying at ABI helps her achieve her career goals, Tatevik answered:

All the ABI activities that I participate in help me develop professionally. In particular, the research project that I am engaged in allows me to understand more about the role and implementation of bioinformatics tools in real-world problems. Also, the GMs and JCs help me to get familiar with the ongoing research of the field.

When talking about her long-term goals and ABI’s contribution to their fulfillment, Tatevik said:

By studying at ABI, I get closer to my future profession. Here I get to know many professionals of the field and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge essential to continue my path in bioinformatics.

Tatevik also stated that work at ABI is particularly meaningful to her, since:

ABI gives me an irreplaceable experience for which I am very thankful.

Tatevik’s story and amazing achievements are inspiring for the many students who also wish to explore the fascinating world of science. If you identify yourself as one of those people, you could be the next research student at ABI.