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ABI Students. Vardan Saroyan

Vardan Saroyan

Today we present Vardan Saroyan, an active member of the ABI Community. A student at YSMU – Vardan joined ABI in the summer of 2021 during the OMICS school to deepen his knowledge. Now, Vardan is a regular participant of ABI’s weekly Journal Clubs (JCs) and Group Meetings (GM). Vardan is also one of the first students in ABI’s brand-new research lab, supervised by Hans Binder. 

To the question of how ABI helps him develop professionally, Vardan answered:

Working with ABI helps me develop my scientific skills: reading and writing articles, statistics and programming and understanding how science works.

When discussing ABI’s role in Vardan’s long-term goals, he stated:

Studying at ABI has and will help me develop as a scientist and become the basis of my scientific knowledge. ABI opened the doors to bioinformatics to me and helped me view my research interests from another perspective. I will continue to study bioinformatics because for my long-term goal, which is the study of aging, I will need to analyze a huge amount of data, and without bioinformatics, this will not be feasible.

As Vardan’s journey continues, his story serves as an example of the merging of talent and ambition. If your story resonates with Vardan’s, you could be the next research student at ABI.