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ABI funds will be distributed among the following activities:

Educational activities

  • Organization of summer schools and non-formal courses
  • Educational resources for self-learning
  • Mentorship programs to support self-learning

Basic funding for research labs

  • Basic salaries to support establishment and continuous activities of independent research labs at ABI
  • Other costs associated with research activities, such as conferences, travel, equipment and publication fees

Computational resources

  • Monthly fees to use the computing resources provided by ASNET
  • Salaries for maintenance of bioinformatics software infrastructure and support to students’ access

Bioinformatics core facility

  • Salaries to the personnel providing bioinformatics support to Armenian research institutions
  • The core facility is also providing bioinformatics data analysis services to other entities. The profit from these activities is also used for ABI operations.

Operational costs


Bank transfer

Recipient name: Armenian Bioinformatics Institute Scientific Educational Foundation
Bank: Inecobank CJSC

2050422368721001 AMD
2050422368721020 USD
2050422368721040 EUR
2050422368721041 RUB

Card payments

Coming soon

Thank you!

Your contribution makes a difference. All the donors will receive a yearly report on ABI’s activities.

*All the contribution to ABI will be considered as donations to support ABI’s aim of promoting research and education in bioinformatics and life sciences.