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Learn about our priority projects, get in touch to learn more about each campaign, and support us via donation (you may indicate the project you’d like to support) or with other means.

Scholarship/fellowship fund

A fund to support 7 undergraduate/graduate student scholarships and 4 Ph.D./Postdoc fellowships annually.

Computing infrastructure

A computing infrastructure to support genome bioinformatics research and education throughout Armenia.

Office space

Coming soon, stay tuned for this.

Scholarship/fellowship fund


A multi-donor fund with a yearly commitment of 140.000$ to support genome bioinformatics research projects of 7 undergraduate/graduate students and 4 Ph.D./Postdocs under the supervision of ABI researchers.

Genome bioinformatics computing infrastructure


A fund to set up a computing infrastructure at ABI, providing access to high-performance computing and software for bioinformatics analysis of genomics datasets. The infrastructure will support more than 20 researchers at ABI and other universities/institutions in Armenia, engaged with bioinformatics analyses of genomics datasets. It will also support the educational activities of more than 40 students from various universities in Armenia.