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Maria Nikoghosyan

Maria Nikoghosyan

ABI Researcher and Mentor, Ph.D. Student at IMB and RAU

Google Scholar Profile

Maria Mikoghosyan is a Bioinformatics Ph.D. student at Russian-Armenian University (RAU) and a researcher at the Bioinformatics group (BIG) of the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA.  She started studying Bioinformatics in 2013 during her bachelor’s at RAU. During the study, she discovered BIG, which was the only group in Armenia focused on genomic bioinformatics research. She joined BIG as a trainee and later became a team member. In 2017, Maria started her first research project, which in the future became her master’s thesis. The topic of the project was the analysis of the genetic variations, which increase the risk of disease development in different populations. She continued to develop that research topic, and now it is her Ph.D. project.

Maria was a mentor during the OMICS 2021 Summer School, and now supervises ABI research students Hripsime Gasoyan and Anush Baloyan on their projects about the analysis of SARS-CoV Variants and the evaluation of genetic risk factors for complex human disorders, respectfully.

Research Interests

  • Population Genomics
  • Genome-wide association study (GWAS)


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A Arakelyan, L Nersisyan, M Nikoghosyan, S Hakobyan, A Simonyan, L Hopp, H Loeffler-Wirth, H Binder Transcriptome-guided drug repositioning Pharmaceutics 2019 Volume 11 Issue 12 Pages 677 doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics11120677