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Agenus Lab

Together with the scientists at Agenus, a US-based biotech company specializing in innovative forms of cancer treatment, including the discovery and development of immuno-oncology therapies, ABI has formed a team of students and researchers to study cancer metastases and identify potential biomarkers and targets for cancer immunotherapies. This collaboration is also part of our long-term vision of supporting biotech developments in Armenia. The team discovers transcriptomics heterogeneity of Liver metastases for precision diagnostics and treatment․


ABI Supervisors

Hans Binder
University of Leipzig
ABI Chairman

Arsen Arakelyan
Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA
ABI Board Member

Lilit Nersisyan
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Founding Director of ABI

ABI Research Students

Ohanes Ashekyan
Nerses Shahbazyan
Yeva Bareghamyan