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Postdoctoral Researcher

The Binder Lab at Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) is recruiting a Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the topic of cancer bioinformatics, computational immuno-oncology and cancer immunotherapies in collaboration with the industry.

Our team specializes in Cancer Bioinformatics, with a focus on various cancer types such as Lymphomas, Melanomas, Gliomas, CRC, and Liver Metastases ( We have adopted a comprehensive approach to understanding these diseases by leveraging cutting-edge omics data, including transcriptomics, genetics, and epigenetics in both bulk and single-cell settings, as well as spatial transcriptomics. Our goal is to develop advanced methods for improved prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment decision-making, particularly in the context of immunotherapy. 

The postdoctoral position offers a unique opportunity for the candidate to assume a leadership role as the co-principal Investigator in a collaborative project with Agenus, a pioneering Boston-based company dedicated to advancing cancer immunotherapy. This role will enable the postdoctoral fellow to cultivate their scientific identity by spearheading innovative concepts within the realms of cancer bioinformatics and immunology. The successful candidate will work in close partnership with the Principal Investigator and their research teams at ABI and Leipzig University, fostering a rich and dynamic research experience.


We are seeking a highly motivated and dedicated postdoctoral candidate with a strong interest in bioinformatics and systems biology and their applications in precision oncology and a passion for developing own, innovative solutions. Candidates with a PhD in bioinformatics, data science, molecular medicine/biology or related areas are particularly encouraged to apply.

The ideal candidate will have a solid background in omics, encompassing transcriptomics and genetics, as well as proficiency in advanced bioinformatics techniques such as subtyping, marker selection, and pathway analysis. Experience with diverse data types, ranging from large-scale patient cohorts to single cell and spatial omics, and a keen aptitude for knowledge mining are essential. A deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer, specifically colorectal, skin, and pancreatic cancer, as well as a comprehensive grasp of pan-cancer biology, immunotherapy, and systems immunology is highly desired. Possess robust bioinformatics and data science skills, ensuring a strong foundation for advanced research in cancer biology and precision medicine.

In addition to technical skills, a cooperative and open-minded working style is crucial, fostering collaboration and innovation within the team. The work environment is highly collaborative, with a strong emphasis on teamwork, involving close interaction with a team of approximately five undergraduate students and experienced mentors.

ABI is a rapidly emerging institute dedicated to advancing modern bioinformatics and molecular medicine in Yerevan, Armenia, with a strong collaborative relationship with Agenus. The candidate will have the opportunity to shape this collaboration by bridging academic and industrial aspects of the research topic.

How to apply

a) Interested applicants should send the following information to (Hans Binder, PhD – [email protected]):

  1. Motivation letter
  2. Summary of previous work
  3. CV (include current country of residence)
  4. List of publications 
  5. Contact information of three referees

b) Interested applicants can also apply through Nature Careers page.

This position is available from January 1st. Applications will be considered until December 31, 2023.

At ABI, we believe in investing in our employees’ growth and creating an environment that fosters both personal and professional development. Join our team, and be part of a dynamic environment that encourages innovation and personal growth. Your contributions will directly impact the advancement of bioinformatics and support our mission.