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Karine Shahgaldyan

Advanced Molecular Biology Course

The Advanced Molecular Biology course by ABI Expert Meri Hovsepyan covers the core concepts of molecular biology, genetic mechanisms, cells, and genomes. The course is interactive, and weekly discussions where students have reading materials, as well as talks and consultations on those topics are held.

Applied Bioinformatics Course

The Applied Bioinformatics course by ABI Chairman Hans Binder covers the core concepts of molecular medicine, life data sciences, as well as gives an insight into emerging and promising research areas in the field of Bioinformatics. The course also includes helpful tips on how to write and publish scientific research papers and addresses disputed topics in Bioinformatics.

ABI’s First Research Lab: Binder Lab

ABI is thrilled to announce the opening of its first Research Lab – Binder Lab – supervised by ABI Chairman Hans Binder. The general aim of the lab is to extract information about the functioning of life hidden in large and complex data with the help of computers, thereby improving healthcare and saving biodiversity. The Lab’s central interests are describing and understanding genomic regulation, its diversity, and its impact on health… Read More »ABI’s First Research Lab: Binder Lab

Tatevik Jalatyan. ARPA Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce that Tatevik Jalatyan, a Mentor and Mentee student at ABI, got a 6-month research scholarship from ARPA Institute to continue her reseach on Design and analysis of AAV vectors for gene editing applications with Dr. Erik Aznauryan (Church Lab).  

ABI Summer School (OMICSS 2021)

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Group at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) NAS RA organized a summer school in Genome Bioinformatics from June 14 to August 25, 2021.