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Register for the new “Algorithms for Computational Biology” course !

We are happy to announce that new training course covering the basics of algorithms and data structures in computational biology is now available for registration.  This course is designed for individuals with backgrounds in math, computer/data science, or bioinformatics. The course aims to cover the basics of algorithms and data structures, and will give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of current trends in computational biology. Throughout the course,… Read More »Register for the new “Algorithms for Computational Biology” course !

Annual Report 2022

ABI’s Second annual report is now available for you to check. In this report you will find all of our accomplishments in 2022, including our educational programs, research labs, our team, donors, grants, and every factor that made this year so productive for us and for bioinformatics in Armenia.

Binder lab got a FAST ADVANCE grant

Photo by FAST – Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology We are excited to announce that we have won a FAST ADVANCE grant entitled “Vine Bioinformatics – Grape Genomics for Innovative Viticulture” to Dr. Hans Binder! The ABI Binder lab, under the supervision of Dr. Hans Binder in collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Biology of NAS RA will develop machine learning-based bioinformatics methods for plant genomics and bring the… Read More »Binder lab got a FAST ADVANCE grant

OMICSS Guide 2022 Now Available for Bioinformatics Enthusiasts

We are excited to announce that the OMICSS Guide 2022 is now available for individuals interested in gaining the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to begin their first bioinformatics project. This comprehensive resource was used as the curriculum for the OMICS School 2022 and is suitable for individuals with a background in biology or data/computer science. The OMICSS Guide 2022 follows the success of last year’s OMICSS Guide 2021 and… Read More »OMICSS Guide 2022 Now Available for Bioinformatics Enthusiasts

Eduard Avetisyan joins ABI Advisory Board

We are happy to share that Eduard Avetisyan has joined the Board of Advisors of ABI! Eduard Avetisyan is an alumni of Yerevan State University and YerPhI with PhD in high energy particle physics and currently, he leads the IT team in the Hamburg unit of the EMBL.

ABI received a grant form the Swedish Institute

ABI received a research grant from the Swedish Institute as part of a collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Lund (SLU), Sweden, and Telavi State University, Georgia, to widen the network and training activities around the topic production of grapes in a changing climate with a focus on genomics.

Launch of reArmenia Fundraising Campaign

ABI has launched a fundraising campaign for setting up a computing infrastructure on the reArmenia platform. With the raised money, ABI will build the first publicly accessible centralized and well-maintained computing infrastructure in Armenia to safely store, annotate and analyze Armenian genomics data. This computing infrastructure will be open for all the students and scientists engaged in life science training and research in Armenia.

Bioinformatics Workshop

ABI in collaboration with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow is holding a mini-workshop spanning a wide range of topics in Bioinfromatics and Computational Genomics. The event is interesting for researchers and students who are interested in bioinformatics. Some new projects that will be offered by ABI will also be presented to prospective students.

ABI starts a strategic collaboration with Agenus

We are glad to announce a strategic collaboration with Agenus, a US-based biotech company specializing in innovative forms of cancer treatment, including the discovery and development of immuno-oncology therapies. Together with the scientists at Agenus, ABI will form a team of students and researchers to study cancer metastases and identify potential biomarkers and targets for cancer immunotherapies.This collaboration is also part of our long-term vision of supporting biotech developments in… Read More »ABI starts a strategic collaboration with Agenus