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Home » Setting New Standards in Oral Health: Ritual Dental and ABI Partner for Personalized Care Through Microbiome Science

Setting New Standards in Oral Health: Ritual Dental and ABI Partner for Personalized Care Through Microbiome Science

Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI) has partnered with Ritual Dental to revolutionize personalized oral health care. Combining ABI’s expertise in bioinformatics and precision medicine and Ritual Dental’s patient-centered approach, this collaboration aims to enhance clinical practices with cutting-edge oral microbiome science and technology, setting new industry care standards.

The partnership focuses on developing a proprietary computational approach to analyze oral microbiomes, linking microbe composition to dental pathologies and systemic disorders for improved diagnostics and preventative care for oral and systemic diseases. 

“We’re partnering with ABI to offer patients a preventive and personalized approach to their oral and systemic health,” said Arman Ozgun, Ritual’s CEO and Co-founder. “By integrating microbiome research directly into our clinical practices, we’re not just predicting oral disease risks but also crafting personalized treatment plans grounded in the latest advancements. Our goal is to make the science behind their oral microbiome ecosystem clear and engaging, empowering patients to actively participate in their health.”

“We are excited about this collaboration, as it aligns with one of our team’s key directions,” said Lilit, ABI’s Director and a lab leader In our research, we strive to understand how the microbes that reside in our body are linked to disease. This is not a trivial task, as different species of bacteria are involved in complex interactions that obscure the links to disease. Collaboration with Ritual Dental opens a great opportunity for us to understand how our developments could be translated to the field of dental care.”

“I’m thrilled to contribute and advance this research to understand oral microbiomes and prevent oral diseases,” said Dr. Nihal Bicakci, Chief Dental Officer and Co-founder of Ritual. “Our patients will receive personalized treatment plans designed for early detection and prevention, leading to improved clinical outcomes with minimal intervention.”

The partnership between Ritual Dental and ABI represents a significant step forward in oral health care. It offers patients access to the latest advances in science and technology and empowers them to take control of their health and well-being. 

About Ritual Dental 

Ritual Dental is redesigning conventional dentistry for discerning patients who expect the latest technological and scientific advancements in their treatment and services. Ritual resonates with patients and providers who understand that oral health extends beyond cleanings and cavities to systemic well-being and increased lifespan. The company uses microbiome tests, AI diagnostics, and monitoring to provide high-quality preventative care for oral and systemic diseases.

About ABI

The Armenian Bioinformatics Institute is a scientific-educational foundation dedicated to advancing data-driven research in life sciences. ABI is committed to training the next generation of leaders in computational genomics and bioinformatics to advance basic and translational research in life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology. Its research portfolio is diverse, encompassing genomics across plants, animals, humans, and microbiome.

Offical joint press release by ABI and Ritual Dental