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Advancing Grapevine Research: Insights from the GRAPEDIA Annual Meeting

The GRAPEDIA Annual Meeting, a convergence of experts in computational biology focused on grapevine research, recently took place. This significant event stems from the vision of the GRAPEDIA (Grapevine Genomics Encyclopedia) Initiative, which aims to establish an open-access, centralized portal for the grapevine research community. GRAPEDIA’s primary goal is to unite and streamline various grapevine resources, offering data exploration, visualization, comparative analysis tools, and customized services. This initiative is designed to serve both the scientific community engaged in grapevine research and the private sector involved in vitiviniculture R&D.

The Grapedia Annual Meeting, held from September 11 to 13, 2023, in Valencia, Spain, brought together the CIG Team, project contributors, and invited speakers to share valuable insights and feedback on databases and FAIR data principles. Our Vine-Bioinfromatics team supervised by Dr. Hans Binder had the privilege of participating in this noteworthy gathering, where grapevine research’s frontiers were expanded and enriched.
Mariya Nikoghosyan from ABI held a talk with the title “Sommelier: Genomic data analysis and functional annotation of grapes with emphasis on Armenian wild and cultivated associations” on the second day of the Annual Meeting.