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Nelly Vardazaryan

Nelly Vardazaryan,
ABI Research Student, MSc

[email protected]

Nelly Vardazaryan is an OMICSS-2021 Alumnus. She is a YSU graduate with Bachelor’s degree and practical knowledge in Biochemistry. She is currently a MSc student in Molecular and Cell Biology at IMB NAS RA. After graduating from the OMICSS-2021 summer school, she did her first research project in collaboration with Anna Hakobyan (Ph.D. student at Max Perutz Labs, Austria) as part of ABI’s Mentor and Mentee program. The research focused on oncogenic pathway alterations across large-scale cancer studies. Now, she is part of the Nersisyan research lab at ABI.

Currently, she is engaged in three microbiome-related projects:

  • Analysis of honeybee microbiome with 16S sequencing datasets,
  • Drug-microbiome interactions with mRNA degradome data,
  • Study the effect of cigarettes and e-cigarettes on the human microbiome (research grant from the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF)).