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Tatevik Jalatyan

Tatevik Jalatyan is a Computational Biology Master’s student at Russian-Armenian University and a Research Student at the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute.  She got her bachelor’s degree in Data Science with bioinformatics specialization from the American University of Armenia (AUA). She joined ABI in the summer of 2021 and shortly after got engaged in her first research project in collaboration with Erik Aznauryan as part of ABI’s Mentor and Mentee program. The topic of the project was the discovery of new viral vectors for gene delivery, which later became her Bachelor’s thesis. Tatevik has also been rewarded with a six-month research scholarship by ARPA Institute, allowing her to dedicate more time to science. She is also a member of the Nersisyan research lab at ABI.

Tatevik was a volunteer during the OMICSS-2022 Summer School and was supervising a group project on differential gene expression analysis. Now, her scientific interests mainly revolve around applying machine learning algorithms to:

  • Identify tumor microenvironment dynamics from single-cell sequencing data
  • Analyze preeclampsia using RNA-Seq data